Sunday Snog 147

15th Sep 2014 Sunday Snog

If you’re going to join in with a kissing excerpt this Sunday, the 21st September then please put your details in the list below. Don’t worry if your post isn’t live yet, as long as it’s good to go on Sunday we’re happy!

Not joined in before?

Then this is how you do it. Schedule a blog post containing a kissing excerpt (it doesn’t need to be lip to lip, feel free to be creative with your interpretation *wg*) to go up on your blog/website by 9am GMT this Sunday. Please be sure to link back to so your readers can find the other snoggers. Then add your details to the linky list above and that’s it! Check out the other Snoggers on Sunday and have lots of fun. If you have any questions please Contact Us

To make it a bit easier for those wanting to take part in with next weeks Sunday Snog on the 21st September, you can signup now..

Sunday Snog


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